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Congratulations to all nominees for 2016 - stay tuned for details of the Award Ceremony to be held late February 2017.

Globe Awards 2016 Nominees

The Globe Theatre was opened in November 1982, getting its name from the unique circular design of the building, the inspiration of which came from Shakespeare’s original famous open air circular theatre in London. Architect Brian Elliot returned to design the Theatre’s major redevelopments in 2014, winning a New Zealand Architecture Award for his work on these extensions. For over thirty years the Globe has been home to many local performance groups, notably the Manawatu Theatre Society (now Manawatu Theatre Inc).

The Globe is managed by a Trust Board on behalf of the Palmerston North City Council, and is available for hire by all manner of groups and individuals. It’s a well-used community theatre, fulfilling its original purpose to cater for a variety of local and touring arts and cultural events such as drama, comedy, musical theatre, dance and musical recitals and competitions. The Globe is also set up to accommodate private hires including networking meetings, award ceremonies, private functions, conferences and seminars. There are excellent parking facilities surrounding the Theatre, which is located central to the city and only a minute walk from The Square.

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