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The event listing is followed by all booking details below. Please note that unless stated otherwise, concessions apply to Gold Card, students, junior (17 years and under) and CSC holders.

COMING UP IN 2018 ...

Saturdays from 5 MAY, 9.00am-10.00am
JorJaz Dance Crew

Introducing JorJaz Dance Crew to the Globe Theatre. A performing group formed by Georgia Bergerson in 2008. Georgia created this group for her sister Jessica and her peers who have intellectual disabilities. 

A class full of awesome young adults with the passion and love for performing arts. Classes are held every Saturday 9-10am at the Globe Theatre. If you have that special someone in your family who loves to sing and dance then bring them down to join us! 

Sun 24 JUN, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Vocal concert: Shayna Tweed, Tim Shirriffs & Lindsay Yeo 

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Wed 27 - Sat 30 JUN
St Peter's College biennial production - Strength of a Hero
After hearing the incorrect story from two slightly hopeless tour guides in an Ancient Greek Museum, Five Muses welcome you on a light hearted journey of discovery, courage and love, as we tell the unerring story of our hero, the mighty god Hercules. 

In Strength of a Hero, Hercules (the son of Zeus) was snatched as a baby by Hades (Lord of the Underworld), and forced to live life on Earth among mortals as a half-man, half-god. Hercules soon discovers his immortal heritage and uncovers that he must become a true hero in order to reunite with his parents on Mount Olympus.With help from Chiron (the trainer of heroes) and guidance from Athena (the goddess of wisdom), Hercules prepares to face many challenges and obstacles on his quest ahead.

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Fri 29 JUNE, 7.30 pm: Alliance Francaise pressents PRIMAIRE

Monthly French films (with English subtitles) generally on the last Friday of each month. 

Hot on the heels of its recent January release in France, this is a vivacious and emotionally gripping story of a teacher caught between passion for her students and love for her child. Devoted primary school-teacher Florence (an inspired performance by Sara Forestier, Suzanne) is a single mother who pours her heart and soul into her students each and every day. When she encounters the disruptive student Sacha and finds he has been abandoned by his mother, Florence devotes herself to helping him. While director Hélène Angel superbly contrasts the entertaining energy and colour of the classroom with the lonely and confused world of Sacha, Forestier delivers a magnificent performance as a woman unwilling to compromise her morals, resulting in a remarkably honest, optimistic and engrossing portrayal of school life.

FREE entry (donations welcome). Licensed bar/cafe open from 6.00 pm, film starts at 8.00 pm. More information HERE

Fri 6 - Sat 7 JUL
Super Hugh-Man
Super Hugh-Man is an award-winning autobiographical solo cabaret by acclaimed Kiwi entertainer Rutene Spooner, a musical love letter to the great Wolverine and Broadway star, Hugh Jackman.

Spooner takes us on his personal journey growing up as a young Māori boy in Gisborne, and the fateful events that lead to the discovery of his hero's secret identity. Stepping us through his implausible path to becoming a musical theatre performer – from high school kapa haka misfit to unexpected NASDA alumnus – we see the profound impact that Hugh plays in his life.

Embracing the qualities that both Hugh Jackman and Wolverine possess helps Spooner get through rough patches of feeling like an outsider wanting to fit into a world that he has no blueprint for. He comes to realise that it's OK to be a different kind of man – that he can be strong AND sensitive, he can haka AND high kick, be fierce AND fabulous.

Directed by NZ theatre veteran Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Super Hugh-Man is a shamelessly charming and heartfelt story, intricately weaving together comedy, dance, kapa haka and song into a stunning show.

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Sat 7 - Sun 8 JUL
Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society
Piano and Speech & Drama. For more info visit mpacs.org.nz.

Sun 8 JUL 7.30pm
Dave Dondero and the Dauphin

Dave Dondero is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. In 2006, NPR's All Songs Considered named David one of the "best living songwriters" alongside Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Tom Waits. Touring on his "New Zealand Charm Offensive" with Dauphin, "We’ve all heard of Southern Gothic. In Dauphin, Jason Burge keeps the South in his voice and brings the Gothic out West" (Micah Schweizer, Wyoming Public Radio). Sounds like an unmissable mix - live at the Globe for one night only.

ENTRY: Pre-sales $20. Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Weds 11 - Sat 21 JUL, performances daily during July school holidays, times vary
Manawatu Youth Theatre presents Seussical Jr

"Oh, the thinks you can think" when Dr. Seuss' best-loved characters collide and cavort in an unforgettable musical caper! Manawatu Youth Theatre presents Suessical Jr - all cast aged between 10-16 (more or less).

ENTRY: Tickets $10 available HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Fri 13 JUL, 7.30 pm: Stephen Taberner with double bass and JACK

Stephen Taberner, better known as the whimsical mastermind behind the Spooky Men's Chorale offers for public amusement a musical wrestle to the death with his beloved double bass B, which typically involves a highly charming collection of songs, some moody, some funky, and some downright ridiculous. For this pointless spectacle he will be joined by fellow spooky man Jack Fitzgerald Sice (Ukelele/Guitar/Vocals).

For a taste of what's to come see HERE.

ENTRY: Tickets $22/17 avaialble HERE or at the Globe Box Office

23-29 JUL, times vary
Michelle Robinson Dance Studio
Annual production.
ENTRY: Tickets available soon.

Sun 22 JUL, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Chris Dann (piano) & friends

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Wed 25 JUL, 7.00 pm
Playtime Theatre Ltd presents: SEED by Elisabeth Easther

Sex and Drugs without the Rock and Roll

IVF isn’t foolproof; IUDs aren’t failsafe, and iPhones come with ovulation apps. The Adam Play Award winning Seed follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant – the dilemmas of modern reproduction.

ENTRY: $30. Tickets available HERE

Sat 28 JUL, 7.30-9.30pm
Chamber Music New Zealand:
The Klara Kollektiv
Mesmerising, poetic and atmospheric, this Swedish-based ensemble perform a programme of New Zealand and European wonders.

ENTRY: Subscribe for the 2018 season at chambermusic.co.nz
$10-$50. Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Box Office

Sun 29 JULY, 7pm
The Easy Leaves
Kevin Carducci and Sage Fifield are the Easy Leaves, an acoustic duo that like to distill their eclectic music into "Americana rock and roll with a country lilt".

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Mon 30 JULY, 7.30pm
Cycle Chic Film Tour

Cycle Chic Film Tour is to showcase a captivating selection of short cycling films to inspire, encourage and celebrate women who love to bike.

The line-up treats include a magical journey of colour and creativity by an artistic mountain biker in Canada; a New Zealand female road cyclist who believes in the power of bicycles, an enthralling film set in big city America on two (in their own words) “bad-ass bmxers” following their passion; a bicycle store with a unique point of difference; MAMA AGATHA, a heart-warming story about migrant women in Amsterdam finding their way into a new society under the guidance of ‘Mama Agatha’, a 59-year-old Ghanaian woman with the spirit of a 20-year-old; and the liberating feeling of riding a bicycle; and MOKSHA, a documentary that focuses on three Nepali women breaking through cultural barriers to spread their love of mountain biking.

Showcasing women who push boundaries, are courageous, and are an advocate for change; all through the power of the humble bike. It's the 'thinking cyclists’ film collection with short bike films that ALL genders will connect and enjoy.

ENTRY: Tickets online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Wed 08 Aug 7.00 pm
Cafe Scientifique
Public Science Talk Series: organised by Alliance Francaise. Speaker and topic to be confirmed.

ENTRY: FREE donations appreciated.

Licensed cafe/bar available from 6.00 pm.

Sun 26 AUG, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Christine Archer-Lockwood & Guy Donaldson (piano duet)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Sat 15 SEP,  7.30 pm

MEHANA is a 6-piece Balkan Ethno-Blues Folk band, injecting new life into old songs with their own interpretation and style. The power of MEHANA’s music is in the raw and down-to-earth energy of their songs and the emotion the band members bring to every performance. Their songs are about life and love – music as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.

ENTRY: Tickets online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Sun 23 SEP, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Diana Neild (flute) & Anne-Gaelle Ausseil (harp)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door).

Fri 28 SEP 7.30pm
Fables/Albi & The Wolves
West Auckland Folk Band Fables produce a gentle and heartfelt indie-folk sound which could warm even the coldest of hearts. Jess Bailey’s childhood was spent on twenty-one acres of land in the outskirts of Auckland. She was taught by the Mackenzie Hills of the south Kaipara, dredged in the waters of Muriwai Beach then hung out to dry in the plum trees at home. This imagery is littered throughout the bands wistful lyrics and authentic songs. The small ensemble has shared the stage with modern folk notables Great North, The Remarkables, Chris Preistley and Nadia Reid, with performances at the home of Auckland folk, The Bunker. Jess Bailey’s velveteen voice intermingled with a collection of strings and other harmonies should find you quite at home. Coming to the Globe with Albi & the Wolves - folk music, but not as you know it. Pulling inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, from swing to bluegrass, soul, r&b, rock and world music, Albi & The Wolves offer a decadent serving of double bass, guitar, and violin accompanied by Albi's smooth vocal style. These elements come together to create both a potent foot stomping rhythm and a captivating music and stage presence never experienced before.

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Tue 9 OCT, 7.30-9.30pm
Chamber Music New Zealand:
Ioana Cristina Goicea & Andrey Gugnin
Ones to watch, these award-winning rising stars, from Romania and Russia respectively, perform a programme of lush, romantic and contemporary music.

ENTRY: Subscribe for the 2018 season at chambermusic.co.nz
$10-$50. Tickets available HERE

Wed 10 OCT 8pm
Don McGlashan

Don McGlashan was born in Auckland in 1959. He is a musician and composer with a career that stretches back to the 1970s and covers early post-punk, top-ten pop, experimental percussion and classical performance and composition.

ENTRY: Book online HERE.

Sun 28 OCT, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Duo Tapas (guitar duo)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Sun 25 NOV, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Ludwig Treviranus (piano)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)