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The event listing is followed by all booking details below. Please note that unless stated otherwise, concessions apply to Gold Card, students, junior (17 years and under) and CSC holders.

Saturdays from 21 JULY, 9.00am-10.00am
JorJaz Dance Crew

Introducing JorJaz Dance Crew to the Globe Theatre. A performing group formed by Georgia Bergerson in 2008. Georgia created this group for her sister Jessica and her peers who have intellectual disabilities. 

A class full of awesome young adults with the passion and love for performing arts. Classes are held every Saturday 9-10am at the Globe Theatre. If you have that special someone in your family who loves to sing and dance then bring them down to join us! 

Sun 26 AUG, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Christine Archer-Lockwood & Guy Donaldson (piano duet)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Fri 31 August, 7.30 pm
Alliance Francaise presents Cine Club

Monthly French films (with English subtitles) generally on the last Friday of each month. 

FREE entry (donations welcome). Licensed bar/cafe open from 6.00 pm, film starts at 8.00 pm. More information HERE

Sat 1 and Sun 2 Sept JUL, 2.00 pm
The Rose Academy of Dance and performing Arts Ltd presents The Magic Toy Box.

End-of year show from one of Palmerston North's newest dance studios.
ENTRY: Tickets $16/9 avaialble 
HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Sun 2 Sep, 5PM

The beautiful and mellow sounds of 8 cellos tickling and delighting the ears from all directions, this is Cellophonics. After 15 years entertaining and touring around New Zealand, this exciting group of leading NZ musicians comes to you to enrich and demonstrate a totally passionate expression to a wide range of music from the Baroque to Piazzolla and beyond - Come and be transported!

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at Globe Box Office.

Sun 23 SEP, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Diana Neild (flute) & Anne-Gaelle Ausseil (harp)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door).

Fri 28 SEP 7.30pm
Fables/Albi & The Wolves
West Auckland Folk Band Fables produce a gentle and heartfelt indie-folk sound which could warm even the coldest of hearts. Jess Bailey’s childhood was spent on twenty-one acres of land in the outskirts of Auckland. She was taught by the Mackenzie Hills of the south Kaipara, dredged in the waters of Muriwai Beach then hung out to dry in the plum trees at home. This imagery is littered throughout the bands wistful lyrics and authentic songs. The small ensemble has shared the stage with modern folk notables Great North, The Remarkables, Chris Preistley and Nadia Reid, with performances at the home of Auckland folk, The Bunker. Jess Bailey’s velveteen voice intermingled with a collection of strings and other harmonies should find you quite at home. Coming to the Globe with Albi & the Wolves - folk music, but not as you know it. Pulling inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, from swing to bluegrass, soul, r&b, rock and world music, Albi & The Wolves offer a decadent serving of double bass, guitar, and violin accompanied by Albi's smooth vocal style. These elements come together to create both a potent foot stomping rhythm and a captivating music and stage presence never experienced before.

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at the Globe Box Office.

Sat 29 SEP 8.30pm
The Chills - Snowbound Tour with support, Tiny Ruins

The latest postcard from The Chills’ epic journey is an album about “consolidation, re-grouping, acceptance and mortality,” claims chief Chill, Martin Phillipps,. “Hopefully a kind of Carole King ‘Tapestry’ for ageing punks.”

Wow! Are rock bands allowed to grow old gracefully and assess the world’s and their shortcomings in the process? Is it possible to swerve the obvious and make something that’s bittersweet in tone but harmonious on the ear? Of course it is.

Read more

Entry: Book online through UTR HERE

6 Oct - 7 Oct, 11AM & 12.30AM
Funny Business
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Guaranteed giggles galore from a show that has been delighting audiences of all ages worldwide with classic clowning, ridiculous routines, comedy and eccentric dance plus hilarious audience involvement.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see an award winning clown who pays homage to the great silent comedians but with a definite contemporary edge.

"Our festival favourite, which kept us to the end, hiccupping with laughter was Fraser Hooper." The Times London

Tickets $15 single admission. Book HERE.

6 Oct - 7 Oct, 6PM
Blonde Mountain Wolf Man
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Blonde Mountain Wolf Man is Craig Geenty’s brand new solo comedy show, based on the true story of his own family’s murder mystery in Hawkes Bay in the early 1900s.

“Every family has skeletons in their closet, but mine is literally the story of a skeleton buried in a back yard. My new solo comedy show, Blonde Mountain Wolf Man is having it’s premiere in the Palmy Fringe. It’s the true story of my great grandparents Joseph and Isabella. The story begins with a ship-wreck (the S.S. Wairarapa, 1894) and ends with a murder mystery. I’ll be playing multiple characters as I spin a yarn about the hardships of my ancestors, and how they made it possible for me to be here. It’ll be fun!”

Tickets $20 full/$15 concession. Book HERE.

6 Oct 8PM - 7 Oct 2.30PM & 8PM
Femme Natale
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

An Adult Only Play on Motherhood

Straight from two hit seasons at BATS - the Femme Natale crew are bringing their take on parenthood to the Manawatu!

Come and share with fellow mums (and one dad!) a night of skits, comedy and general revelry inspired by the extraordinary, yet very ordinary experiences of motherhood. Grab your girlfriends, grab a drink and come and celebrate that you're surviving and thriving in the hardest job you'll ever do.

"My face hurt from laughing" Emily Writes

Don't have kids? Come along to affirm why - this is the best birth control in town!

Tickets $17 full/$14 concession or groups 6+. Book HERE.

9 Oct 7PM
Feral Music
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Animal friendly music from local musos showcasing original takes on many genres, a core band of 3 nutters and all the weirdness (friends) we can gather to entertain the masses' beautiful soul sounds to the raucous punk (some lyrics may offend)

Tickets $6 single admission. Book HERE.

Tue 9 OCT, 7.30-9.30pm
Chamber Music New Zealand:
Ioana Cristina Goicea & Andrey Gugnin

Ones to watch, these award-winning rising stars, from Romania and Russia respectively, perform a programme of lush, romantic and contemporary music.

ENTRY: Subscribe for the 2018 season at chambermusic.co.nz
$10-$50. Tickets available HERE

10 Oct 8PM
Becoming Trump
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

"He's good" TV3 - "very good" TVNZ - "he nails it" PRIME TV

A solo comedy-horror with over 30 characters.
Alexander Sparrow started playing Trump before he won the election - and he hasn't stopped since. He's been on TV, his shows are selling out, and his career is on the up. In the White House, Trump is battling against the world, his staff, and his wife. When the stress kills him, Trump's soul realises he has some unfinished business to attend to. And who better to possess than the Southern Hemisphere's #1 Trump impersonator?

Tickets $20 full/$15 concession. Book HERE.

11 Oct 12.30PM & 6PM
Once Upon a Dance
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Written & performed by Jan Bolwell Mona Williams
Directed by Ralph McAllister
Lighting & technicals: Neal Barber

Jan Bolwell and Mona Williams weave a dynamic tale about their dancing lives. In this hour long show they tell stories, dance & sing.They discover that while their lives are very different, they also have a lot in common. The first ballet they both saw was The Nutcracker and they both grew up loving American musicals.

‘This is the kind of show you should see if you love women, dance, politics, being alive, New Zealand, rebellion, music, strength, history, stories – if you thrive on being part of the world around you and embracing everything it throws at you, you’ll find something that resonates.’ Theatreview 20/3/18

'These are two very strong, brave, life mature women. They come from such very different cultural backgrounds and have both faced fierce adversity. This production tells those stories with depth, humour, generosity, honesty and joy.’ Theatreview 14/3/18

Tickets $20 full/$15 concession. Book HERE.

11 Oct 8PM
The Untimely Death of Tish and Tosh
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Tish and Tosh sing in the local bar on weekends. Tish is a customer, Tosh is the landlord,and together they entertain the guests that come to drink the night away.

Estranged from his wife, Tish has taken a mistress - but in a fit of rage, he chokes her to death in a hotel room, then is sentenced to be hanged. Part-time, Tosh is Britain's Chief Executioner. How will the two react when they meet for the last time?

A solo tragedy with ten characters, based on the true story of James 'Tish' Corbitt and Albert 'Tosh' Pierrepoint.

Tickets $20 full/$15 concession. Book HERE.

12-13 Oct 7.30PM
Bill Massey's Tourists
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Jan Bolwell’s 60 minute solo play, Bill Massey’s Tourists has left audiences laughing and weeping up and down the country. Bolwell plays her adolescent self trying to get her grandfather Arthur to talk about the First World War. After much pestering he succumbs. What follows is a gripping, painful and sometimes hilarious tale of a young Kiwi soldier from the Otago Mounted Rifles (one of Bill Massey’s Tourists) and his survival from the tragedy of Passchendaele. It is a story that also features song and dance.

“This exceptional performer, Jan Bolwell, is blessed with an irrepressible joie-de-vivre that communicates itself instantly to the audience so that her grandfather’s story is illuminating and memorable, but also surprisingly enjoyable.” - Theatreview

“A terrific script. A great performance. A tale well told. Knocked me for six.” - Raymond Hawthorne, Auckland theatre director.

Tickets $20 full/$15 concession. Book HERE.

13 Oct, 10am-1pm
Attack of the Killer B-Movie Workshop!
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Wellington Improv Troupe (WIT) invite you to join them in a workshop about the format and genre work of their audience delighting show 'Attack of the Killer B-Movie'. Learn ways to play with genre, physicality and storytelling, while supporting and building on ideas.

Please note this is also a casting workshop, we will cast 2-3 players to take part in our shows at 3pm and 6pm.

16 spaces available. $35. Register HERE.

13 Oct, 3pm & 6pm
Attack of the Killer B-Movie!
Presented as part of 'Palmy Fringe Festival 2018'

Hilarious titles. Ridiculous monsters. All improvised! Wellington Improv Troupe (WIT) brings you their cult classic show paying homage to all the classic tropes of the 1950s B-Movie Genre. Join our unsuspecting cast, as a series of unfortunate events lead them to a horrifying discovery... who will survive? Who will find love? And why is the phone always dead when you need to call for help?!

Suitable for adults and older children (12+).

Tickets $10 full/$5 concession. $35. Book HERE.

Wed 10 OCT 8pm
Don McGlashan

Don McGlashan was born in Auckland in 1959. He is a musician and composer with a career that stretches back to the 1970s and covers early post-punk, top-ten pop, experimental percussion and classical performance and composition.

ENTRY: Book online HERE.

Wed 17 OCT 8pm
Steve Gadd

The one and only STEVE GADD “One of the most influential drummers of all time”, Saxophone Colossus, JAMES CARTER, Down Beat magazine's Critics and Readers Choice award for baritone saxophone several years in a row and, in concert with THE RODGER FOX BIG BAND

ENTRY: Book online HERE or at Globe Theatre Box Office.

19-21 October 2018
National Young Performer Awards


The 42nd  NYPA will see 130 elite young performing solos artists, aged between 15 and 25 yrs from all over New Zealand as they compete in Vocal and Piano(Globe Theatre) and Ballet and Tap Dancing (Regent Theatre).This exciting solo competition starts with preliminary rounds, building to the Sunday semi-finals and the spectacular Sunday night finals concert featuring 18 of the best competing for $42,000 in prize money.

Each Solo performer represents a PACANZ member society, and undergoes a rigorous selection process, performing to the specific required standards of their chosen art form. Like their sporting peers, it is an honour for young performing artists to be selected to participate at a national award.

For some this is the pinnacle of their artistic endeavours; for others however, this will be the catalyst that launches their professional career. PACANZ is a parent organisation of 60 smaller competition societies in New Zealand, including the hosts Palmerston North Dance Assn and Manawatu performing Arts Competitions Society.

Tickets allow access to both competition venues (Globe Theatre and Regent Theatre) and can be purchased HERE.

Sun 28 OCT, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Duo Tapas (guitar duo)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)

Sun 25 NOV, 2.30-3.45pm
Globe Theatre Sunday Matinee Series
Ludwig Treviranus (piano)

ENTRY: Minimum suggested donation $5 (at the door)