Contribute to the Globe

In 2014, the Globe Theatre re-opened with a new 105-seat auditorium and a fantastic new Foyer and Cafe space. A huge Thank You to all those who contributed toward these very welcome additions to the facility.


Over the past six years, the Globe Theatre Trust, with the partnership of the Palmerston North City Council and our various fundraising partners, have continued to improve and add to this important community asset.

Our original theatre has just been fitted with a new mechanical rig and our new LED lighting has recently been installed.This will enable a much wider range of events and effects to be hosted here at the Globe. 


We would love to hear from anyone who feels they can contribute in any way to the Globe's ongoing development. Please email the team at or call us at 06 351 4409.

We are always on the look out for volunteers to join our Front of House team to assist on event nights and we're also very keen to hear from anyone who wishes to get involved in the activities at the Theatre and become a part of the Globe Theatre!