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Carson Taare - Live at the Globe


Carson is a singer songwriter from Palmerston North. In 2019 he received NZs Variety Artists "Rising Star Award".

Mentored by Gray Bartlett and Mark Dennison, Carson was a special guest performer with the Glen Miller Orchestra on tour in NZ in 2019.
Carson performed at Nashville's CMA music festival with Sonny Curtis and Gray Bartlett In May 2019.

He plays Piano and Guitar and his vocal range and versatility allows him to sing everything from light opera, pop, country, folk and barbershop styles of music. Carson is currently a member of the NZ Youth Choir and in 2018 he performed with the NZSS Choir in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Carson performed to a sell out crowd at the Globe in October 2020 and this year he will be performing original music that is on his latest Album "Goodbye Today" along with several new songs he has just written. Joined by Hayden Lauridsen on Drums and Jonathan Couper-Smartt on Bass Guitar and Flute.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Admission $32

French For Rabbits - The Overflow Single Release Tour


Under The Rader and 100% Good present French For Rabbits on tour.

French For Rabbits are back on tour. The tour follows a scattering of spellbinding performances back in April and an appearance in the Mansfield: In Her Own Words concerts.

The band are on the brink of sending a flurry of goodness our way over the coming months with their third album due out in November, and a string of singles and videos about to surface. The next single, coming soon, is called "The Overflow" - the title track of this forthcoming record. Following on from Decembers' "The Dark Arts", the next single is a firm fan favourite already - a light-as-a-feather bop rationalising anxiety, also described as the most optimistic song you may ever hear about panic attacks.

Keep your eyes peeled for this in the coming weeks and more details of the tour including special guest announcements.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre Box Office
Admission $32
Concession $22
Door Sales $37

Altitude Pole & Fitness presents Enchanted - Altitude Showcase


This enchanting showcase features stunning pole dance routines presented by the talented students of Altitude Pole and Fitness Palmerston North. Altitude Palmerston North students work so hard as dancers throughout the year, and this show is a chance for them to showcase their skills and shine on stage in a performance for all of their friends, family and the public. From beginner to advanced pole dance routines, the acts will Enchant the audience for one unforgettable evening.

R18 show

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $30

The Rose Academy presents Winter Wonderland


Escape with us to a winter wonderland as our junior dancers transform into cute snow angels, swarming snowflakes, a cool frost and more.

Plus there's the extra excitement of watching the finals of the choreography challenge and voting for your favourite to win this annual event.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre Box Office
Adults $15
Children (under 18) $6
Programmes $5

The Rose Academy presents The Mystery of the Silver Slippers


It's showtime for our senior dancers, and this year they are booked to perform the classic ballet Giselle. Who will make it through the audition and claim the lead role and the coveted Silver Slippers? What lengths will disappointed dancers go to if they don't get cast? How can the show go on if the Silver Slippers are missing?

Watch the mystery unfold and see if our dancers can find the culprit and return the Silver Slippers just in time for their performance of Giselle.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Adults $20
Children (under 18) $9
Programmes $5

Who Are We?


Toi Warbrick, Kane Parsons, Tanu Gupta, Sue Pugmire, Ling Wang  and Tania Kopytko delve into Who Are We? through music, dance, theatre and ngā taonga pūoro. This project is a response to the Palmerston North 150 year celebration.

How quickly we can lose our history, forget those or what came before, or forget the meaning of what we have now. Do we value our local stories? Do we hear or see them enough? Do we tell of our own struggles, to be who we are now - in this city? Who we are can be so many things.

The grand artistic ladies of Palmerston North Evelyn Rawlins and Gwen Gibbs will be brought to life, we will explore flax farming, Te Marae o Hine, the life of a farming woman and the significance of our diverse cultural heritage.

For more information contact project director Tania Kopytko

0276310105 taniakopytko@gmail.com


Chamber Music New Zealand presents Fantasy and Romance


Be transported to other worlds with the sublime marriage of flute, oboe and piano.

Breathing new life into some of Schumann and Fauré’s most beloved romantic works for chamber ensemble, Melanie Lançon and Bede Hanley partner with the inimitable Stephen De Pledge to whisk you away on flights of freedom, fantasy and romance.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre box office
Adult $39
Concession $34
Child (Under 17 years) $20
Tertiary Student (with ID) Rush Ticket $10 (available one hour prior to concert start)
"5 for $45" 1 Teacher/Adult/4 Children (available one hour prior to concert start)

Rohan Gower - Those Were The Years


Rohan Gower is proud to present, "Those were the Years", live at the Globe Theatre. With the classic vocal styles of the crooners of the 20th century, Rohan brings the songs of the past from the swinging songs of the crooners to the well-known songs of Neil Diamond, Robbie Williams and much more in this jam-packed swinging show.

Rohan has been singing for some time now and was recently featured on TV1's evening program, "Seven Sharp." Singing all over the country from Auckland to Christchurch, from large theatres to small rest homes. With raving reviews wherever he has been we're sure you'll enjoy his new show! Come along and enjoy a blast from the past with these classic songs that'll bring back memories for everyone!

Just when you think you can't have much more, Rohan will be joined by local dance group," The Fabz Celebz" and Hunterville singer "Kirsten Ross" who will WOW you with their talent and make your experience even more memorable.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $30

Lola and Friends presents Lucky Dip


Lola and Friends are back with a new show! Lucky Dip is part game show - part variety spectacular filled with comedy, magic, drag, song and dance. The performers don't know what acts they are going to do and what order they are on, you the audience get to play along and change the path of the show! It's unpredictable, spontaneous chaos! Lucky Dip who knows what you will get!

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $37

Lucien Johnson Quartet


Lucien Johnson has been described as “a saxophonist and composer of rare excellence and mettle”. One of New Zealand’s leading jazz musicians, his latest album “Wax///Wane” has met with rave reviews from the international press, with London Jazz News describing it as “Mystical, a touch retro and increasingly spellbinding” and France Musique calling it “bewitching and astonishing.” Johnson spent years living in Paris and New York as well as touring in music festivals and clubs around the world and his powerful and evocative music has been greatly infused by his global experience. Recently nominated for New Zealand Jazz Artist of the Year, Arts Foundation award winner Lucien Johnson and his quartet of highly esteemed musicians Jonathan Crayford (piano), Tom Callwood (Double Bass) and Cory Champion (Drums) will deliver what promises to be a sumptuous evening of mesmerising music from some of Aotearoa’s finest musical luminaries.

Click here to listen to Lucien Johnson
Follow Lucien on Instagram
Check out Lucien's website

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $25


Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player


A runaway success in London’s West End, at successive Edinburgh Festivals, at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and right across the USA, this is a hilarious send-up of classical music, which has established Australian pianist, David Scheel, as the successor to the legendary Victor Borge.

Beautiful music, and musical fun performed in so many accents/voices that David has also been compared to the late Robin Williams, and Peter Ustinov. Hear a familiar tune played in the styles of the old masters + an i-Pod; two famous pieces played simultaneously, one with the right hand, one with the left, plus his “translation” of the lyrics of Waltzing Matilda, already a comedy classic.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $30
Concession $25

Simple Truth Theatre presents Come First and Vagina Monologues


Directed by Rhian Firmin & Poppy Serano
Simple Truth Theatre Presents a double billing of:

‘Come First’ 
A newly devised work created collaboratively by a group of strong local wāhine who are working together for the very first time. Come First gives the audience snapshots into the lives of these wāhine and is a celebration of the wāhine in our community. The piece is open and non-linear in it’s telling and allows these fierce wāhine a safe space to allow their voices and stories to be heard.


‘The Vagina Monologues’
 By Eve Ensler

This small but dramatically funny, tender, provocative and ultimately political piece is a series of interviews with a diverse group of women about their vaginas: young and old, married and single; heterosexual, bisexual, and lesbian; working class women, professional women, and sex workers; women of various races and more.

The creation of this particular showing so far has seen this local stellar all-female cast unpicking the script, diving into the stories of the of the Vagina Monologues and focussing on finding connection and communication.

They have been uncovering the truth and heart in each and every women’s voice and explored many topics such as: sex, relationships, sexual violence, sex work, menstruation, and more, and we get to meet women from all corners of the world. R16 - these pieces contain some coarse language, sexual references and sexual abuse references.

Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $25
Concession $12.50

Niko Ne Zna


Combining driving rhythms, melodic brass and beautifully alluring vocals, Niko Ne Zna creates unforgettable moments for their audiences. The 9-piece band have firmly cemented themselves as one of New Zealand's premiere and sought after world music groups, complete with wonderfully hypnotic melodies and cerebral rhythms that draw from the Balkan region.

Based in New Zealand’s creative and cultural capital of Wellington, all nine members are formidable instrumentalists and composers in their own right. Their current lineup consists of two trumpets, soprano saxophone, bass and tenor trombones, sousaphone, balkan bass drum (tapan) and snare drum, an exotic cocktail of instrumentation and musicianship that creates an atmosphere and vibe like no other. To top it off, their vocalist/percussionist Nikkie Rich sings in multiple languages, including Serbo-Croatian, Romani, Macedonian, Greek and English.

In addition to creating a strong back catalogue of original music, they have become notorious for their immense live shows that display undeniable passion, fuelled by their adoration for bringing people of all walks of life together. Choreographed dance moves and captivating theatrics fuse in harmony with their music, regardless of whether they’re performing impromptu on the streets, doing roaming/acoustic shows or letting loose on the big international stage.

2021 marks the band's 10 year anniversary. Over the decade, they have regularly toured their home islands of New Zealand, and have performed multiple sold out shows in Australia. They were showstoppers at the WOMAD Festival NZ in 2019, have had three of their original songs featured in the internationally-acclaimed film 'What We Do In The Shadows', and have released two well-received full albums.

Currently in the studio working on their 3rd album, their next piece of work guarantees more of their signature grooves and uplifting vibes that'll keep fans dancing, singing, clapping and stomping from the kitchen to the car, throughout the night.

The concert is General Admission and we are removing the front three rows of seats to create a dance floor so you can come on down and get with the rhythm.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $30

Chamber Music New Zealand presents Another Night In Vienna


“Welcome to Vienna! My name is Wolfgang, and I’ll be your tour guide this evening…

Here, as we near the end of the nineteenth century, Vienna is the very heart of the famous Habsburg Empire. Caffeine addicts, worry not, this is a café society. Art lovers – this is a cultural centre. We’ll experience it all. Follow me!

However, please do not stray from the tour path. Or you may find yourself confronted with the erotic ‘pornography’ of artists Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Or telling your secrets to neurologist Sigmund Freud. Or lost down some dark alley listening to the radical new musical ideas of composers Arnold Schoenberg, Berg, or Webern. And if you really venture into the shadows, you might find lurking there a failed art student who will change the course of the twentieth century. Consider yourself warned!

But enough doom and gloom. I’m pleased to see you all dressed up as it’s very likely you’ll be dancing to waltzes by Strauss at some sumptuous ball before the night is through. Just another night here in Vienna!

Donald Armstrong, associate concertmaster for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, leads members of the Amici Ensemble and 2020 NZCT Chamber Music Contest winners Ravelation for ANOTHER NIGHT IN VIENNA – blending letters, ephemera and chamber music into a dramatic journey through one of the world’s most important cities during one of its most fascinating periods.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Adult $39
Concession $34
Child (Under 17 years) $20
Tertiary Student (with ID) Rush Ticket $10 (available one hour prior to concert start)
"5 for $45" 1 Teacher/Adult/4 Children (available one hour prior to concert start)

Kim Bailey Productions presents Macbeth


Witches. Political intrigue. Murder. It is foretold Macbeth will one day be king of Scotland. But there’s a lot of bodies to go till he’s top of the pile…

See Shakespeare’s most terrifying tragedy done properly: with killer battles, demoniacal witches, audience interaction, and lots (and lots) of blood.

This is real theatrical magic, starring nationally touring Shakespearean actress, Katie Boyle, as Macbeth, and Salome Grace Neely (TV’s Westside) as Lady Macbeth.

Five professional touring actors are bringing Macbeth back to rip-roaring life. Don’t just see the story of an insatiable lust for power. Experience it.

Directed by Alexander Sparrow: Nationally touring director and actor
Produced by Kim Bailey: Grooves! South Island Tour, Nutcracker Sold-Out Season – Theatre Royal

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $35

Palmy Drag Fest


Palmy Drag Fest - Palmerston North's biggest drag show ever! New Zealand's leading Drag performers from all corners of the country will come to Palmy for one fabulous night of performances together with the local Drag community to create one of the most fabulous events in the country. Hosted by Rhubarb Rouge and Featuring Hugo Grrrl, Tess Tickle, Buckwheat, Ruby Dax and a lot more! Full line up to be announced soon!

Hear all the goss on Facebook

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ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Admission $37


Boom Boom Room Burlesque presents FRUIT STAND


The Boom Boom Room Burlesque wowed you with last year's revue Gin Palace and this year let them excite you with FRUIT STAND! It's fun, fruity and most definitely fabulous!

A high camp revue with tropical overtones and fabulous comedy. We cannot wait for you to see this show! Book now it's going to be absolutely bananas!

Click here to follow Lola and Friends on Instagram

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Admission $37


Lola and Friends presents MIXED NUTS


It's Christmas time and Lola and Friends are ready with another crazy revue! In the past we have had an awkward family christmas and the strangest nativity you ever did see, who knows what madness will ensue this Christmas season?

One thing we know for sure is that MIXED NUTS is always a good time, come spend the silly season with us!

Book your group now! This always sells fast!

Click here to follow Lola and Friends on Instagram

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or at the Globe Theatre Box Office
Admission $37

Bloom Presents Adele & Amy Songbook

SUN 11 SEPTEMBER, 2022 7:30PM

(Rescheduled from September 2020 to September 2021 and unfortunately to September 2022. Please check your emails if you had purchased tickets for the 2020 or 2021 performances. An email went our recently giving you the option of holding on to your tickets till the show in September 2022 or receiving a full refund. Tickets purchased for the original shows are valid for the 2022 show.)

Australia's brightest new singing star Bloom brings to you the songs of 2 amazing artists, Adele & Amy Winehouse. Both have amassed a legion of fans the world over, and have sold in excess of 20 million albums between them. Bloom will be backed by an all-star band that features James Morley, former  member of ARIA hall of fame band The Angels and current member of the Choirboys as well as members of the late Jon English Band. 

The Melbourne singer/songwriter who is highly applauded as one of Australia's greatest power vocalists will combine the two artists in one incredible show. Bloom has already garnered international acclaim and recently sang the National Anthem for the Aust/NZ Test Series. 

Back by popular demand! Returning from their soldout NZ tour in 2018.

ENTRY: Tickets available HERE or from the Globe Theatre box office
Admission $45