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Hire The Globe

The Globe has two auditoria for hire and a number of other spaces to support your event to be successful:
For more information, read our FAQ, contact us at [email protected], or call 06 3514409

200 seat professional theatre

The original, 200 seat Theatre. This is a full theatrical space equipped with lighting rig, sound system and beautiful acoustics.

105 seat fully rigged auditorium

Our 105-seat Auditorium opened in 2014. This smaller room also features retractable seating - meaning the 105 seats can be withdrawn into the back wall making a flat floor space suitable for exhibitions, concerts, and meetings.


Another 2014 extension, the Globe’s spacious and attractive foyer area can be used for ‘meet-and- greets’, awards presentations and luncheons, as well as accommodating audience members and performers as they wait for show time.


The Lounge offers cafe and licensed bar facilities and a tabled seating area which can accommodate approximately 40 people.

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To enquire about hiring any or all of these spaces, please fill in the enquiry form below with the broad strokes of your event. If you don’t yet have a specific date in mind, or have some flexibility over when your event might take place, please indicate this in the body of the enquiry. Our Team will be very happy to get back to you to further discuss any potential booking.

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